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Dyeing with Plants: Dyer’s Chamomile

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Today I dyed 50g of Regia for Hand-Dye 4ply yarn with the flowers from some dyer’s chamomile (anthemis tinctoria) from the bottom of my garden.

The books said use at least an equal weight of the flower-heads to the yarn, but to get the best possible chance of a stronger colour I used more than 4 times as much – 215 grams of fresh flower heads for 50g of yarn. I’d mordanted the yarn overnight, so all I had to this morning was boil the flower heads for an hour, then add the yarn and leave it to simmer for another hour.


Kuretake Gansai Tambi

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I’ve been hearing a lot of praise for the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Japanese Watercolour Paints, so I finally treated myself this month for Treat Day*. So many happy people can’t be wrong, right? The paints are available in different size sets, containing from 6 to 72 pans of colour, and I decided to get the 36-pan set […]