Kuretake Gansai Tambi

img_20161003_162216I’ve been hearing a lot of praise for the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Japanese Watercolour Paints, so I finally treated myself this month for Treat Day*. So many happy people can’t be wrong, right? The paints are available in different size sets, containing from 6 to 72 pans of colour, and I decided to get the 36-pan set as that’s the smallest size that includes some gorgeous and very useful metallics – gold, blush gold and silver.

The pans come in this gorgeous citrus green linen-effect box with gold blocked kanji on the lid. The inside of the lid has a really useful table where you can dab a bit of each colour to aid with identification. As some of the colours are really hard to tell apart, colour swatches are really helpful!


The pans of colour themselves are full-sized and look HUGE compared with the usual little square half-pans of watercolour. The paints look glossy and vibrant in the pan, and although I’ve only colour-swatched them yet I was really impressed with the ease of picking up colour and the opacity and richness of the colours. I just know they’re going to be amazing to paint with!



*On the last day of each month I treat myself to some little indulgence, sometimes as simple as a single artisan chocolate, a new lipstick, a few rolls of washi tape. Sometimes it’s something more expensive and a genuine indulgence, like the Kuretake paints!