Natural dyeing

Dyeing with Plants: Acorns 2

Since the previous dyeing experiment with acorns was so happy I collected another batch (it’s been a fantastic year for acorns! The squirrels are going to be very fat and happy!) and dyeing up a couple of skeins of DROPS Flora off-white yarn (wool/alpaca blend).

This time the acorns were soaked for 6 days. On the 7th day they were simmered for one hour. On the 8th day they had another hour’s simmer then after a bit of a cool-down I strained off the acorns and introduced the yarn, and simmered for another hour before leaving the yarn in the dyebath overnight too cool down.

The next day, I treated one dyed skein with soda ash, and the other with a tablespoon of iron water (made by steeping rusty pieces of iron in a vinegar/water solution for several weeks).

The results can be seen above. The top skein is from the first acorn-dyeing experiment, the middle one is from this session and is modified with soda ash which gave it lovely rich nut-brown, and the bottom skein is modified with iron water which produced a nice darker ash-brown.
I am so loving the variations one can get from the same dye-stuff!

Weight of dye-stuff: approx 500g
Weight of yarn: 100g
Mordant: None
Modifier: 1 x soda ash, 1 x iron water