Natural dyeing

Dyeing with Plants: Dyer’s Chamomile 2

My garden patch of dyer’s chamomile has produced so many flowers this year, I decided to use some more of them. I’d read that using a yellow dye on a grey yarn would produce green so as I had a spare skein of DROPS Flora pale grey merino/alpaca yarn left over from a sweater that was my goal this time around.

I mordanted the yarn with alum overnight, then the next day simmered 230g of flowerheads (for 50g of yarn) for an hour before adding the yarn and simmering for another hour. The colour took well but wasn’t as GREEN as I’d hoped so I added a teaspoon of copper sulphate to the dyebath and simmered an extra 15 mins. That did it! After a good rinse and drying, the colour is a lovely rich, golden-olive green that I’m very pleased with! Just goes to show how much colour variation you can get from the same dye-stuff.

Here it is next to the dyer’s chamomile on white yarn for comparison. In real light it’s more green than in this photo.